Friday, 14 August 2009

11. Candy Cakes - Covent Garden Piazza

And so we moved along on our cupcake route to Candy Cakes, I had looked up their website previously and been impressed that not only did they sell cupcakes but shakes too!! Two of my fave things!
We went to the one in the actual Covent Garden Piazza. Their cupcakes are all decorated in crazy bright coloured icing with sweets on top - Laur opted for the raspberry cupcake with a edible sweet bracelet on top and I had a raspberry and apple one with a liquorice allsort on the top. I've got to say we were slightly disappointed that these cakes were actually more like muffins and less like cupcakes. Then we both got mint oreo shakes and these were way disappointing..mine was really thin - not like how a milkshake should be at all! We loved the decor inside, the walls were painted mint green and they had these cute little pink stools to sit on but we expected more from the cakes and shakes!

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  1. I love Candycakes for coffee, but their "cupcakes" are indeed muffins- and I don't think they're freshly baked as I've seen boxes of pre-packaged muffins being delivered to their other store and have a horrid feeling they just decorate them with the icing and sell them as fresh which is a shame.



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