Saturday, 3 January 2015

Chocolate Peanut Butter S'mores Fudge

I made this in mid December for some friends who were in need of cheering up! I added these photos to my blog and planned to write it up at some point to tell you all what a great little sweet treat Christmas prezzie this fudge would make...but here we are on January 3rd and Christmas has been and gone, whoops! It would still make a great gift...just not a Christmas one obviously or you can bookmark it for next December! 

My favourite part of making this fudge, aside from eating it, was when my husband asked me what I was making when he came home to find the ingredients on the table one day.  I replied fudge, and he turned to me with a totally shocked look on his face and said 'are we fudge people?' it was hilarious! I cracked up laughing!! but he was right to question my judgement - we are not fudge people! I can probably count the number of times we've eaten fudge on one hand.  It is not something I am ever too bothered about.  So I told him it wasn't for us...but also that it was chocolate and peanut butter s'mores fudge and not just any old fudge!! 

We both agreed that the addition of the graham cracker crust made this better than any other fudge we have had.  Often fudge is just way too sickly and you don't want to eat more than one piece but the crust definitely broke up the sweetness and added another good texture.  The peanut butter gave a subtle undertone to the creamy chocolate and the marshmallow swirl with added marshmallows on top gave it some extra chew! 

I was also surprised at how easy it was to make! The only other time I've attempted fudge was this candy cane fudge last Christmas but since it was only made with condensed milk it was the cheats kind of fudge...making real fudge has always scared me but by using the microwave in this recipe it is a no fail recipe! 

Give it a try! Your tastebuds will thank you...even if you're not fudge people!

Chocolate Peanut Butter S'mores Fudge:
Makes 24

for the crust:
8 Graham Crackers (digestives or hobnobs would work fine too)
2 tbsp unsalted butter, melted
1/4 cup caster sugar

for the fudge:
1 7oz jar Marshmallow Fluff
1 1/2 cups caster sugar
1 5oz can evaporated milk
1/4 cup unsalted butter
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup dark chocolate chunks
1/2 cup milk chocolate chunks
1 cup peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla

for the marshmallow swirl:
1/2 cup mini marshmallows

to decorate:
1/4 cup micro mini marshmallows
1 Graham Cracker, broken up
4 milk chocolate chunks, broken up

Preheat your oven to 190 degrees C.
Line an 8x8 inch baking pan with tin foil - leave extra so it hangs over the edge.

Crush your graham crackers into a fine powder and mix them with the butter and sugar to form the crust.
Press the crust into the bottom of your prepared pan. Bake for 15 minutes until the edges and golden brown.  Set aside.

In a large saucepan, over medium heat, combine the Marshmallow Fluff with the sugar, evaporated milk, butter and salt.  Bring to a boil stirring occasionally.  

Meanwhile, chop your chocolate into chunks and have your peanut butter and vanilla measured out and ready.  Measure out your mini marshmallows and have them ready too.  It is important to have everything already prepared because once you remove your pan of ingredients, everything needs to be stirred in immediately. 

Once your pan is boiling, set a timer for 5 minutes and stir constantly.  
Remove from heat and separate 1/2 cup of mixture and mix it with the mini marshmallows til smooth - do this immediately otherwise the mini marshmallows won't melt.  

Add your chocolate chunks, peanut butter and vanilla in with the rest of the cooked mixture and stir until mixture is smooth.

Pour fudge over your graham cracker crust.  

Spoon marshmallow mixture over and swirl in with a knife.

Top with broken Graham Crackers and chocolate chunks and teeny tiny marshmallows.

Refrigerate for 2 hours.

Eat and enjoy!



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