Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Triple Toasted Coconut Rocky Road

Do you ever get baking epiphanies? I do...and they occur at the most random times in the most random places.  Five weeks ago, I was in the queue at Tesco waiting to pay for my groceries when an epiphany struck...a coconut rocky road epiphany! I turned to Byron and exclaimed excitedly 'I'm thinking up the most amazing baked treat' to which he replied 'just don't', and then the conversation halted! In the car on the way home I asked him if he wanted to hear what the amazing baked treat was, to which he replied no! He told me I need to calm down with all the baking due to our waistlines and our Vancouver fund...

Fast forward five weeks and Byron is declaring this the best rocky road I've ever made! and my snickers one takes some I'm feeling triumphant on this one!

but when you're making something consisting of purely the ingredients above how can it not be?! I started with Lindt Coconut Intense chocolate - it's a dark chocolate with toasted caramelised coconut inside.  I'm happy to use dark chocolate in baked goods but I'm not a fan of the taste of it by itself so I paired it with some Milka so it wasn't too dark and it worked beautifully.  A thick rich chocolate with strands of coconut throughout.  Throw in some toasted coconut marshmallows which my sister kindly gifted to me, and some coconut M&M's which my other sister gifted to me! and some crushed Nice biscuits (because they're coconut flavoured don't you know!) and then finish off with a sprinkled of toasted shredded coconut. 

If you think there it too much coconut going on, think again! 
You need to make this for all your coconut loving friends, you even need to make it for your coconut hating friends because I guarantee no one could turn down this level of deliciousness!

Usually I try to space out my coconut desserts on here because I know some followers aren't fans of it, but I moved this post straight to the front of the blogging queue because it's too amazing not to share!

Triple Toasted Coconut Rocky Road:
Makes 12
From Cupcake Crazy Gem

400g Milka chocolate
100g Lindt Coconut Intense chocolate
2 tsp vegetable oil
130g toasted coconut marshmallows (I used Plush gourmet ones)
75g Nice biscuits
70g coconut M&M's
10g desiccated coconut

For decoration:
15g toasted shredded coconut
20g toasted coconut marshmallows
15g coconut M&M's

Line a baking pan with parchment paper.

Melt both chocolates together in a glass bowl set above a pan of boiling water, and add vegetable oil.
Once it is completely melted, take off heat and set aside to cool for 10 minutes.
Chop marshmallows in half, and break the biscuits into 6 small pieces.  Stir the marshmallows, biscuits, M&M's and desiccated coconut into the bowl of chocolate and mix together.
Transfer into the pre prepared baking pan.

 Put shredded coconut on a baking tray and place under the grill for 2-3 minutes until lightly toasted. 
Press the marshmallows and M&M's into the surface of the rocky road and sprinkle the toasted shredded coconut liberally.
Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.
Chop into bars and serve.

I have submitted these for the Alphabakes challenge, hosted by The More Than Occasional Baker (who is hosting this month) and Caroline Makes because the theme this month is T.

I'm also linking them up to the zero baking required challenge by Maison Cupcake, if you're not feeling like turning your oven on in this mini heatwave either then no bake desserts are the way forward! 



  1. Looks delish, I love all the ingredients (especially the M and Ms) for this no bak. x

    1. Thanks! yeah the coconut m&m's are definitely my fave!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks I'm imagining some 'fall' rocky roads using the m&m's they bring out for fall!

  3. Replies
    1. Me too - everything tastes better with double coconut in my opinion! haha

  4. I also used to bake sweets such as macaroons and cupcakes. It was really an achievement to produce those stuffs with a lot of your effort.

  5. Wow this sounds fantastic! I love coconut and I've not seen those toasted coconut marshmallows for YEARS - I used to buy them in Woolworths when I was a kid! Thanks for taking part in Zero Baking Required x

    1. Thanks for hosting it! yeah I definitely think toasted coconut marshmallows need to make a comeback, they sell them in huge bagfuls over here in Canada!

  6. OMG! These is like my dream come true! All that I love in one slice! I think my boys & even my hubby will agree with me on that! Simply Awesome, like a piece of heaven!! Bookmarking - definitely! :)

    1. Haha cool, yes for coconut lovers these are completely dreamy!

  7. I often get baking epiphanies but never about coconut related bakes! ;-) They do look delicious and I know a lot of people who would love to taste this. Thanks for entering them to AlphaBakes.

    1. Haha why does that not surprise me Ros! you could certainly adapt them and swap out all the coconut stuff for regular m&m's, regular biscuits etc.. and it would still make a yummy rocky road!

  8. Haha you're coconut crazy! I often have those epiphanies and get the same reaction! Glad he liked it in the end. Just shows they should always listen to us ;)

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who has to put up with those kinds of reactions! haha, but you're right we always know best in the end!

  9. This looks AMAZING and COCONUT :) I love how you always bake coconut flavoured goodies hehe I love it too ~ but Mr Bao doesn't sighh so I don't make it as much as I would like toooooooo :( I don't get many epiphanies wish i was as talented and created as you are Gem!

    1. Oh no Mr need to make it your mission to convert him to the ways of coconut! just how Byron used to HATE root beer and I made it my mission to convert him and this week he turned around and told me he liked it and when we were ordering a drink to share that it could be root beer, you have no idea how happy that made me!! You are as talented and created as me for sure Daisy, I have just been blogging longer so have more practice that's all!

  10. Hahaha at the "just don't" comment - I have had that myself before! Glad you steamed ahead with them anyway - coconut M&M's, I didn't even know such a thing existed! I am not a huge coconut lover myself but they do look good!

    1. Yeah they are starting to drift in over there in the UK to shops selling American goodies, but oddly enough m&m world in London doesn't even sell them which I find strange! I wonder why coconut is such a love hate thing!



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