Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Little Round Cake Company saves the day!

It's official.  I've been in Wales for 4 weeks now and there are still no cupcakes in sight anywhere! This is more than slightly worrying.  So last weekend we went to Shropshire to visit my parents and I knew of exactly the place that could fill the cupcake sized hole in my stomach! 

I have visited The Little Round Cake Company once before, it was in the first few weeks of coming back from the Caribbean when we were staying with my parents and exploring the cupcakes Shropshire had to offer.  You may recall alot of the cupcakes we ate didn't get the best reviews and so The Little Round Cake Company came up trumps with their yummy flavour combos and edible decorations on top! 

For me...I'm not a fan of fondant or random fussy decorations that don't add anything to the cupcake...if you've made a raspberry cupcake I expect a fresh raspberry on top and TLRCC definitely do this right!

I found out they were hosting a stall at a farmers market in Whitchurch the Saturday we were there so we made a special trip to the market just to get some of their delicious goodies! 

Their stall was full to the brim with yummy treats! including 'Tweeners' which are essentially cupcakes cut in half and filled with more frosting! I think this is a great idea because have you ever thought the bottom half of your cupcake was lacking in frosting:cake ratio...I know I have! so these combat that problem! Since I knew we were going to buy a whole bag of treats we didn't get any of these this time, because unfortunately I do have to draw the line (calories wise) somewhere! but next time I want to try these for sure! 

and look at those giant meringues! never have there been so many temptations packed into one little stall! 

but I was definitely there for the cupcakes! so we went with a box of 4.  Oreo, Blackberry and Vanilla, Rocky Road and Banoffee.  All four cupcakes were delicious, and were enjoyed by the whole family (don't worry I share the calories around!) and all of the frostings were creamy and very moreish.  They definitely helped me get my cupcake fix...if anything, being the frosting lover I am, I could have done with a little more frosting but otherwise they were great! 

and being the brownie lovers we are we couldn't pass by this lovely looking white choc brownie.  It was gooey and fudgy in the middle and crisp on top - just how brownies should be! and I even enjoyed mine with a few scoops of mint ice cream for pudding later that evening!!! but for me the star of the show was the beautifully presented white chocolate tart you see before you.  I have never tried a white chocolate tart before and that little drizzle of raspberry was drawing me in so I had to snap one up.  Once you cut inside there was a layer of jam underneath the white chocolate and it was the most dreamy yummy tart I've ever had...I wished as we drove back to Wales (and the land of NO yummy baked treats apparently) that I'd stocked up on enough of those babies to last me the whole week! 


  1. Cardiff has loadss of good cupcake places :)

  2. Delish! Could do with some of those! x

  3. Ooo I love that idea of the frosting in the middle of the cake! Hard to have to much frosting really ;) don't worry there's no cupcake shops near me either :( I was goin to set up a stall and sell some at some markets here but it's proving to be difficult!!


  4. the tart looks amazing, im so jealous, these cakes look yummy :D



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