Sunday, 4 September 2011

Final cupcaking days in London Town!

My London days are coming to an end all too soon so I've been cramming in as many cupcakes as possible! We checked out quite a few on our anniversary staycation last weekend. I stumbled across Mimi's Cupcakes in Camden market.  She's situated in this cute little hut that is filled to the brim with cupcakes! There was a massive variety of flavours which I always love to see and they weren't just the boring old regular ones either! I went with a mint chocolate aero bubble which was pretty yummy! I would have liked to have tried more but had just eaten two enormous tacos from a Mexican food stall! 

On a rare sunny afternoon we found ourselves down at the Southbank...okay I had planned to be there especially because they were having a village fete and I heard cupcakes were going to be involved! I'm always a bit worried when I hear about things vaguely that I could turn up and be presented with a really lame stall of the kind of cupcakes that mums produce at summer fetes so I was very pleasantly surprised to find this stall from The Riff Raff Cake Co. It was bursting at the seams with cupcakes! and yet again there were some great flavour combos.

I went for a chocolate and coconut and a banana and marshmallow! These were cupcakes as they should be...moist, flavoursome and delicious! 

After that, we headed to the Outsider Tart stall because it would be criminal to be down at the South Bank without picking up some treats from my favourite bakery! We got the most amazing white chocolate chip fudge brownie spiced with cinnamon! and what made it even better...

was eating it with scoops of this toasted coconut ice cream from Sorbitium Ices! It was an insanely good combo.

For weeks I've been wanting to visit Netil Market after reading rave reviews about Lucky Chip burgers and of course seeing that Molly Bakes cupcakes has a stall there too.  So on my only potential lie in day for weeks I woke up at 8am to head there, it take me one underground, two buses and wouldn't you know Lucky Chip hadn't even opened their stand by the time I had to leave the market and head on back to Milton Keynes.  To say I was annoyed would be an understatement.  

Luckily Molly Bakes decided to turn up! and so all was not lost!

All her cupcakes looked so delicious it was very hard to pick! 

So we decided to go for 4! to make our trek to London fields worth it! Molly Bakes knows how to make good cakes that's for sure.  The Lime & Coconut I had was the best ever! and the popcorn brownie was inventive and delish! The choc cupcakes was oh so moist and the little mini frangipani was too cute! 

We ended our anniversary weekend with an awesome trip to Everyman cinemas in Hampstead.  Have you ever seen a cinema that sells cupcakes??! no me neither! So I just had to take a picture!

We got to take the cupcake into the cinema and enjoy it on our amazing sofa while we watched One Day.  The film was a disappointment, but our comfy sofa and cupcake certainly weren't! 

Phew! That was a whole lot of eating! but there's a bleak cupcake future ahead of me in Bangor so I have to make the most of it while I can! 


  1. Actual drool on the keyboard!

  2. Yum!! So many tasty looking cupcakes :) I need to check out the markets here and see if there are any cupcake stalls! Or maybe set up my own??


  3. Looks like a delicious market!! I love the look of those girly rose-topped pink cupcakes. Also, great choice in brownie! It looks so good.

  4. that sounds like a lot of cake :D

  5. Lovely cupcakes and that brownie looks very irresistible! Enyoy the rest of your London days!

  6. Now that is a market. All these cupcakes look fantastic. I'd gain ten pounds just on a stroll through. I'm new here but I really like your blog and will be back.. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary



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