Monday, 6 December 2010

It's not peppermint, but it's still pretty tasty!

Tonight I had high hopes for the start of my festive baking! Byron was requesting a layer cake of the chocolate variety.  I had some left over candy canes from church that were just calling out to be crushed up all over a chocolate mint cake, and so I got baking.  I have a slight candy cane/peppermint obsession right now! It was all going so well...until I realised my recipe called for 500ml of milk and we only had a few drops left! Disaster...I called on a neighbour to try and help me out of every baker's worst nightmare but they weren't available! Then I remembered I had coconut milk in the unfortunately my peppermint and chocolate layer cake had to turn into a coconut and chocolate layer cake! 

It was sad times...I was seriously excited about the peppermint cake I had been planning in my head! that will have to wait for another day! This cake did turn out rather delicious, so I wasn't sad for long! I used the chocolate layer cake recipe from The Primrose Bakery cookbook (my one cupcake book I was allowed to bring to Turks and Caicos!all the rest got 'borrowed' by my sisters while I am away...I hope I see them again!) but converting from grams to cups was a little annoying - why would I not have packed my electronic scales to bring with me? it would make my baking life so much easier! 

The cake was deliciously moist with a lovely cream coconut flavour due to the coconut milk substitution.  The frosting was the chocolate frosting from the same book.  It didn't taste quite as delicious as it does when I make it back in the U.K, I really haven't sorted out this U.S baking chocolate problem yet! but it wasn't half bad considering I had a peppermint fix that needed satisfied and this seemed to do the job instead! 


  1. Delicious! I have been planning a layer cake recently looking at your United Cakes of America book for inspiration. Good save and I think coconut is far superior anyways!

  2. Great save on the coconut. Can't wait for your peppermint version. The primrose bakery is one of my fav books. Is it the US chocolates that make the frosting taste different?



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