Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Iron Cupcake...Fruitalicious

Last night was another fun filled cupcake fest at Iron Cupcake! I think our cupcake sampler tonight was the biggest it's ever been (to be fair we did have more eaters than usual) but still look at all those bad boys!

I was pretty surprised not to see a banana offering in sight! and I wish I could have sampled this banana and mango beauty that won 1st prize at Iron Cupcake Leeds this week too! How delicious does this look...yum! The baker of this is from The Sunshine Bakery and I have heard very good reports from my sister about how delicious their cupcakes are so if you ever find yourself up North you should definitely check them out! I know I plan to.

My favourite cupcake of the night had to be the Tayberry one. It must have been a hit with the other eaters and bakers too because it won 1st prize in the professional category. I also found out that my two favourites from last months competition were made by the same baker so I'm definitely a fan! The Tayberry one's are on the right in this picture, and the strawberry and cream ones in the middle had the most frosting on them than any cupcake I've ever seen!

Since I was expecting a few more eaters to join me I made sure I arrived early enough to get a big table, as I had learnt from previous challenges how busy it gets!! I arrived so early though that I actually managed to be A1! How keen am I, if you want to have a go at making these for yourself check out the recipe here

Here I am with Pip, who baked for the first time, and made some delicious peach and marscapone cupcakes. They were a yummy break from all the super sweet frostings we were tasting.

Some of my other favourites were the blackberry and apple ones (pictured below with the vibrant purple icing) and Andrea's peach and cinnamon ones that won 2nd prize.

You can check out the full write up on The Caked Crusader's blog in the next few days. Next month's theme is Celebration since it will be Iron Cupcake's 1st birthday so I've got some thinking to do to come up with something fun! It will be on Monday 7th June so if anyone new wants to come we'll be glad to have you join us!


  1. The strawberry ones look lush. The Eton Mess from Sunshine bakery is still my fav ever cupcake! Peach and cinammon sounds like a tasty combo. Celebration sounds like a gooden - perhaps you could use stars?? xxx

  2. I want to come! What time do you have to be there and what time does it start?
    The cupcake cases from Brighton are amazing, very very cool :)
    Maybe for celebration you could do something bright with lots of colour and maybe create some kind of confetti?

  3. I loved your chocolate coconut entry - I want to make them!
    Glad you had fun and hope to see you next month!

  4. I so wanted to go but I didnt have anyone to bring with me :-(

    It looks like you had a great time sampling all those lovely cupcakes, I mean who wouldnt right! :-)

  5. Make sure you check out my give-away! :-)




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