Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day Candy Cane Cupakes!

I have been wanting to make candy cane cupcakes for a while now! I bought some candy cane cupcake cases off ebay and decided it was time! We were leaving on Christmas Eve to come up to my parents house and I tried to bake them before we set off but there were lots of other last minute things to do so I got all the cupcakes baked and off we went! which meant it was time to ice them today. I baked a variety of big ones and mini ones. I used the candy cane wrappers, along with some red and white polka ones and some mini festive ones with santa and snowmen on just for a bit of variety.

The plan was to decorate them with red and white swirled icing to resemble a candy candy. If you read my post about my Ghana flag cupcakes the turning buttercream to red was really not happening for me so I read up about it on google and someone assured me wilton's red food colouring worked. I bought some especially and what do you know I ended up with pink icing again!! If anyone can tell me the secret for red buttercream I'd be grateful! I then put some candy canes on top for decoration and crushed bits of candy cane on the mini ones.

They were double chocolate cupcakes with mint buttercream and we haven't been able to stop eating them all night! The mini ones are especially easy to just keep popping in your mouth..but hey it's Christmas so you have to over eat right? it's just what you do!

I was showcasing my candy cane earrings and ribbon in my hair along with my candy cane cupcake! I don't know why I look so unimpressed though..I was very excited at this point!


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