Monday, 5 October 2009

5 hours later and all cupcake-d out!

So we had our Stake Enrichment Day on Saturday and each one of us on the Presidency were planning on making dessert for 50 people of course I decided on cupcakes!
At the time 50 cupcakes sounded fairly manageable..however I was sort of forgetting cupcakes can't really be done in advance and decorating requires major effort hence why I stayed up til 2am on friday night and after 5 hours solid of cupcake making I really was all cupcake-d out and definitely ready for bed!!! but I had fun making them too and was pretty pleased with the outcome. Also how awesome is my latest cupcake buy...the four tier revolving cupcake stand! I got it from costco and was super happy with it!

In the end I decided on:
Mint and Choc chip with swirled mint aero chocolate frosting and peppermint buttercream (dyed green).
Rocky Road - a choc brownie cupcake topped with melted dairy milk, marshmallows, broken up maltesers, white buttons and glace cherries.
Lemon meringue - Lemon sponge with a dollop of lemon curd topped with meringue and gold edible stars baked in.
Raspberry and white choc chip with white chocolate buttercream (dyed pink) and a fresh raspberry to finish off.

Here are some pictures of my assembly line production!!:


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